How to Play a QuizWhizzer Game

You’ve just made your first game, now you want to play it for your next classroom activity! This post will show you all you need to know when playing a QuizWhizzer game in the classroom and how it works.

Prefer video? We’ve got you covered. Watch this walkthrough demonstrating how to play a QuizWhizzer game:

Click the green play icon to launch your game

When you launch a game, you will be brought to the launch screen where you can choose which options to turn on/off for the game session.

As you can see, there are quite a few options to choose from:

Randomize questions 🎲

You can choose whether to randomize the questions for each player (this will help avoid students copying each other if you want them working individually)

Answer streaks 🔥

Choose whether to enable answer streaks. This is where if a student answers correctly 5 or more times in a row, their player will move forwards an extra space.

Retry incorrect answers 🎯

Want to give students another shot of a question if they get it wrong? Enable the “Try again when answer incorrect option”. They will have to keep trying until they get the answer right before they can continue. Beware though, if you have backwards movement set, this will apply each time they answer incorrectly!

Custom avatars (Avatar collections) 🚀

An Avatar Collection is a collection of related avatars to use for a game rather than the default coloured circles. You will get a default, free animals collection, but you can always create your own from the Avatars page. The great thing about this is it’s so flexible since you upload your own avatars, you can have movie characters, flags, spaceships, anything you can think of!

If you choose to have an avatar collection, you can then set whether to allow duplicate avatars and whether to allow students to pick their avatar when they join, or automatically assign them.

The Lobby

Once you click the great big “Go!” button on the launch screen, the game will be live and you can see the “Access code” in the top left of the screen. This is a unique code which players need to enter to join the game.

Make sure you have the game displayed somewhere where everyone can see it, like on a projector screen.

Students can join the game by going to where they can enter the access code.

After entering the access code, they will then need to enter a nickname.

If you’re worried about students entering rude nicknames or profanity, have no fear as they’ll automatically be changed to a random animal name if so. As well as this, you can kick players from the game who have unsuitable nicknames by clicking on their avatar.

You can have up to 50 players in your game, irrespective of the plan you’re on. This limit is in place to keep the game running smoothly.

The lobby allows you to get everyone in the game before it starts, so all students can start answering at the same time. As students join, you will see their avatars appearing on the lobby screen.

<- This is what the player’s screen will look like while waiting for the game to start

Start the Game

Press the start button to begin. Students will then get their first question. If they get it right, their player will move forwards. If they get it wrong, their player will move backwards. The amount players move, is based on what you set when you created the game.

Here is a multiple choice question. In this case the question is in an image. Students can click on the image to enlarge it.

At the very top of the player screen is a bar set to their unique color (which is automatically assigned at random). There is also their score on the left and their nickname on the right.

You will also notice two progress bars. The first one represents the player’s progress on the game board (the color of the bar is the same as the space color and the circle represents their avatar). The second progress bar represents their progress through the questions.

The score is increased by the number of points a question is worth when they get that question right. Note that the score is not the winning criteria in the game, instead it is how far they get on the game board. The score helps you see how each student did answering the questions, thereby how well they understand the topic.

A great benefit of this style of learning, is that students get instant feedback after submitting their answer. They will immediately know if they got it correct or not.

Also, if you set an explanation for the question, this will be shown after they submit.

In this case, the player answered correctly and hence will move forwards. The forwards movement is set to random so they need to roll the dice (by clicking on it) to determine their move.

Game Settings

The game has started

You will notice on the game screen there is a side panel with various settings you can change.

You can adjust the player’s size as well as the font size for the player names.

Toggle whether to show the player names, the spaces, the numbers on the spaces, the access code and the music.

If you are a QuizWhizzer Pro member, you will be able to set a timer for the game so students have a time limit to answer the questions. It will automatically stop the students answering when time runs out.

You can also view the game results (which show the winners and students answers to each question) at any time using the “View results” button.

As of release 2.1, your game settings are saved in the browser storage so you only need to set them once!

Tip: You can hide the game settings by clicking on the cog icon next to the headings.

Tip: viewing more players

You will notice that not all players are visible (this avoids the screen getting super crowded). You can hover over a space with players on it to see a list of all the players who are on that space.

This is also a way to kick players by clicking on the icon at the right of their name in the player list.

The winners

Once all players are finished, a dialog should appear which notifies you. This happens when everyone has finished all the questions.

The winners are selected only out of those who finished the questions and then based on how far they got in the game. Scores are not taken into account. So it’s possible a player with a lower score beat someone with a higher score, since if you have the movement on random they may have got higher numbers by luck.

Joshua finished ahead the furthest, followed by Terrence then Shari

Game Results

You can view how each student did question-wise by taking a look at the results table. This shows each student’s score as well as their answer to each question, highlighted green if they got it right and red if they got it wrong. If they didn’t answer, the cell will be highlighted gray.

You can click on any cell to view the question. This is great to do at the end to discuss the questions as a group.

If you’re a QuizWhizzer Pro member, you can download the results which will include a detailed breakdown of each question and more stats 🤓

You can access the report later by going to your history. Note that your history will only show your 10 most recent game plays, in addition to any currently active games.

I hope you found this helpful, you can contact me at if you have any questions or need assistance with anything 😊

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I launched QuizWhizzer in 2017 when I was a student. It was built for my physics teacher and the goal was to digitalize one of his methods of teaching, to make it quicker and easier and as a platform other teachers could use. Now it is used by teachers all over the world and I'm actively working on making it better!

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  1. Hello Tim;

    Really appreciated website and great idea and project. Am not a teacher! But am used to make social competition between students or even adults in society where winners will give them prizes. I have looked and tried different website but yours have something different which consider the competition as a race which is a great idea. As suggestion: make time frame when it is considered as homework which need to be completed with one day for example or more or less. Another suggestion to have option to enable/disable repeating doing the quiz or the competition and another option to hide knowing the results even after completing it. keep it up and well done.

    1. Thanks for the feedback! These are good suggestions, I will add them to the feedback board. It is interesting to see other people using the site who are not teachers 🙂

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