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We are in some challenging times, as many schools are forced to close due to COVID-19. This means we must adapt to online education and distance learning. In order to help make this easier for teachers as well as students, we are introducing “Homework mode”.

This isn’t much different from a normal QuizWhizzer game, as traditionally you have been able to play a game without being present in a classroom – it just meant you couldn’t see the game board. So to enhance the experience of playing QuizWhizzer from home, we decided to create a separate live view of the game board specifically for players.

This means if a student has an additional device, such as a PC or laptop, they can use this to display the game board while using a smartphone or other device to answer the questions.

To launch a game as homework is easy. When you click the launch icon, you will see a popup which will ask you to choose a launch mode. Simply click “Homework”. You will then be taken to the launch screen where you can choose the game options as normal.

When you launch a game in homework mode, the game will automatically be started so you don’t need to wait for players to enter before you can start.

Once the game has launched, you will get a special link which you should share with your students. This is in the format: (where :accessCode is the access code of the game).

When students go to this link, they will have their own live view of the game board. Now the race is no longer limited to just the classroom!

Note that the link will not work if you are logged into a QuizWhizzer account.

Hopefully this will make your students feel more connected while being at home, as they can see other players who are participating at the same time move across the game board. It could be fun for students to plan when they are going to play so they can race their friends while at home!

We hope you find this update useful, if you have any specific requirements of what you think would make it better, then let me know!


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I launched QuizWhizzer in 2017 when I was a student. It was built for my physics teacher and the goal was to digitalize one of his methods of teaching, to make it quicker and easier and as a platform other teachers could use. Now it is used by teachers all over the world and I'm actively working on making it better!

4 thoughts on “Play QuizWhizzer from Home!”

  1. This is fabulous, Tim. I was just thinking how great it would be if the kids could see the board. I ran a game yesterday before the update with a few kids, but it wasn’t the same vibe as they couldn’t see the board. Nice work.

  2. Hi, I’m an Italian teacher. Forgive my perhaps incorrect English. I used your great digital platform several times in the classroom. I want to ask you if the student could use a second smartphone as a display on which to view the progress of the game instead of the laptop or PC. I ask you this because in the area where I teach many families maybe have many smartphones, but no PC or Laptop. Thanks for your reply

    1. Hi Massimo, thanks for the question. Yes this is possible, just not ideal as it may look quite squashed on small displays. Also some older phones may struggle with the processing power needed (especially with a lot of players). However devices like tablets should work nicely. I hope this helps. Also your English is great!

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