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A much-requested feature is finally here. In this update, we’ve added 3 new question types: multiple response, true/false and open-ended. This increases the total number of question types to 6:

  1. Multiple choice
  2. Numerical
  3. Short-answer
  4. Multiple response (New)
  5. True/False (New)
  6. Open-ended (New)

Multiple Response

This is the most requested question type. It is similar to multiple-choice, but the difference is participants have to select all the correct answers to get the question right. So rather than radio buttons, this works with checkboxes.

Here’s what it looks like in the editor and player views:

In the editor you will notice a toggle switch above the answer section of the multiple response question. This will also show up on multiple choice questions. It serves as an easy way to switch between the two question types, so you hopefully don’t get confused between them (since the UI is the same). You can still select from the dropdown as well though.

Important: With multiple response question types, the points apply per correct answer. This means if a player only selects one correct answer, when there are two, they will get the question wrong but still get points for the answer they did get right. However, to avoid players just selecting all of the answers to get the points, each incorrect answer will cancel out the points for a correct answer.


The True/False question type offers a quick way to create true & false questions. You can create these with the multiple choice question type, but obviously this is a lot easier since you don’t need to type true and false each time.


This question type is great for asking students their thoughts on something and getting detailed responses. They are marked correct automatically and you can review the responses from the game results.

πŸ’‘ Interestingly, this was first requested by someone who wanted to get the participants emails so they could enter for a prize, which I thought was a great idea. Before this, you would need to use a short-answer question type which would be marked wrong as everyone has different emails. Now though, this question type is perfect for the job!

Of course, there are many other question types which are possible. For now though, these have been the most requested question types so I made sure to add them as quickly as possible.

Do you have an idea for a new question type? Let me know in the comments below, or suggest it on our feedback board:

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I launched QuizWhizzer in 2017 when I was a student. It was built for my physics teacher and the goal was to digitalize one of his methods of teaching, to make it quicker and easier and as a platform other teachers could use. Now it is used by teachers all over the world and I'm actively working on making it better!

6 thoughts on “New Question Types”

  1. Hello Tim,

    Thank you for the message! It’s amazing that you realized the new features already so soon!! πŸ™‚ Β And I am really sure that up to the new studying year your project will develop even more and will become completely grandiose!

    And also it was a really fantastic idea to make the web page with the voting for the best way of project development. The outstanding example of democracy and attention to the customers! Bravo!!

    The best regards,

    1. Hey thank you so much for the kind words, and it’s great to see you like the feedback board – I only wish I added it sooner!

    1. Hi Jake,
      There is a way to get free credits, which is by referring other people to the site. Click at the top right and you’ll see a button “Free credits”. You can share your unique referral link and you’ll get 2 free credits for each person that successfully signs up.

      I don’t want to add too many ways to get free credits though, because that would detriment the purpose of the credit system which is monetisation – a necessary component to keep a site like this running! πŸ˜‰

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