Changes to QuizWhizzer Pricing

When I started QuizWhizzer in 2017 as a coursework project, I would never have imagined it to reach so many teachers around the world. I now realise the potential this has to help teachers make their classes more fun and engaging while improving students’ performance, which is why in August 2019 I decided to work on it full time.

However, you may think this was a dumb move considering I haven’t been able to pay myself anything yet from running the site. You see, QuizWhizzer is only around break-even point as only 1% of members upgrade to Pro. As much as I love working on it and helping so many teachers, I won’t be able to continue to do so if it remains unprofitable. In order to secure the future of the site, we need more teachers paying, which calls for a change in pricing.

I wanted the new pricing be affordable and fair, as well as make the product better by having fewer limitations on functionality. With this new model, everyone will have access to all features and instead, it will work on a usage basis – specifically game launches.

It works on a credits system, where 1 credit = 1 game launch. Each month you get a certain number of credits:

Free: 3 credits
Bronze: 10 credits ($2.99/mo)
Gold: Unlimited ($6.99/mo)

This means you can make as many games as you want, but you can only launch as many as your plan allows.

If you’ve already paid for the current Pro, you will be automatically on the Gold unlimited plan.

Why game launches?

I thought about limiting the number of games you could create, however I wanted the pricing to capture the value QuizWhizzer provides. And that is launching a game and playing it with your class. You don’t technically need to create any games to do this, as you could just use the public games directory.

Get free credits

You can get free credits by referring other teachers to the site. If you click on your profile icon at the top right when you’re logged into the site, you will see a menu item “Get free credits”. Click on this and it will open your referral page, which shows a unique share URL.

If another teacher signs up to QuizWhizzer using your referral link, both you and the teacher you referred will get an additional 2 credits.

These credits will remain in your account until you use them. The standard monthly credits will be used first, then any bonus referral credits.

What features are now free?

Here is a list of things which were previously in the paid plan, but now accessible on all plans:

  • 50 player limit to get all your students involved (previously the free plan had a 20 player limit)
  • Run unlimited active games, so you can refer back to a game at any time or run games simultaneously (previously free plan could only have 1 active game at a time)
  • Save questions from games an import them to your own with the Question Bank
  • Upload custom avatars to increase engagement
  • Game timer to automatically stop players answering when time runs out
  • Download game results as excel report so you can get more stats on accuracy and see how well your students performed

It is my hope that by making these features free, you can get more value from QuizWhizzer and it becomes a more significant part of your toolkit. Then in order to play more often, you can pay a small monthly fee which will help me keep the site running.

Got any questions? Leave a comment below and I will get right back to you.

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I launched QuizWhizzer in 2017 when I was a student. It was built for my physics teacher and the goal was to digitalize one of his methods of teaching, to make it quicker and easier and as a platform other teachers could use. Now it is used by teachers all over the world and I'm actively working on making it better!

6 thoughts on “Changes to QuizWhizzer Pricing”

  1. Hello, I’d like to know more about getting a plan. There is a trying time before paying a year if I choose a plan? there is any possibility to pay by month? If I want to play in small groupes at the same time, I could have different links? I will loose a credit for every group If I play with my students in small groupes at the same time ? …thanks

    1. Hey, currently there are no annual plans, only monthly. You can try it out for free by default as free accounts get 3 credits each per month and no feature restrictions. If you want to try a game by yourself first to test it out, you can use the preview functionality which restricts to a 1 player limit but doesn’t cost any credits to launch. Regarding playing with different groups, yes you can launch multiple games at the same time and each one will cost 1 credit. I hope that helps, let me know if you have any further questions!

    1. Hi Norin,
      Of course, you can cancel at any time by going to your account settings and clicking the “Manage billing” button. That will open a page where you can cancel your plan.
      Hope that helps and I am sorry to see you go. Let me know if you have further questions.

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