Our take on gamification

QuizWhizzer allows you to create self-paced, gamified quizzes in the style of traditional board games. The best part? It’s completely customizable! First create the game board by uploading a background image and adding the spaces for where players will move. Next, create your questions. You can even configure how many spaces players will move forwards when they get an answer correct and how many spaces they move backwards when they get an answer wrong!

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QuizWhizzer is a tool designed to improve the classroom experience through gamification, without diminishing learning. It adds friendly competition to self-paced quiz games. It’s a race to the finish, where you progress by answering the questions.

But what makes this a good method for teaching and learning?

Good for teaching…

As a teacher, you can use the same game across multiple classes and don’t have to do a single bit of marking! The huge advantage of online-based quiz assessment is it’s marked automatically. During a game you can determine which students need further support based on the position of the players on the game board, as well as the scoreboard. At the end of the game you will be able to see the answers of each student, so you can better assess which questions need further explanation and discussion.

As well as this, you will get the satisfaction of seeing your students more engaged and creating an enjoyable atmosphere as students race the track while answering the questions.

Check out this class in Thailand:

Much better than the standard answering questions out the textbook!

Good for learning…

The major benefit for learners, is they get feedback immediately after answering the question. No need to wait for the teacher to mark it. Got it right? Congrats, watch your player avatar move forwards on the game board! Got it wrong? Instantly see why you got it wrong by viewing the question’s explanation.

Another benefit is that it’s self-paced. This means students work individually at their own pace, so they can learn better, rather than all answering together. Although answering together can create an even more engaging atmosphere, the time pressure can deteriate learning with more complex subjects as student’s don’t get the time they need to understand something bofore moving on – this is how I felt when we tried to use Kahoot in a physics class, before I made QuizWhizzer.

Sounds good… but I don’t have time to create a game!

You are probably very busy as a teacher, but don’t worry as we’ve added lots of ways to make it quick and easy to create your own learning games!

The easiest thing of course, would be to use an already-made game. If you go to the Public Games section, you will find different categories which contain a variety of games created by other teachers. You can also try searching for a game on a paticular topic.

If you don’t find a game that suits your needs, you can always create a new one within only 10 minutes. Click on the “Make a Game” menu item and then you can use the clone feature to use an existing game board. Now all you need to do is make the questions!

There’s also a couple of Pro features aimed at reducing the time it takes to create a game. You have your own Question Bank, where you can save questions from games to instantly import them, as well as the ability to create copies of games.

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